Commercial Portrait Photography in London

Its amazing how important that first impression can be of a person you meet for the first time or intend on possibly meeting for the first time. Thanks to business owners wanting to appear more ‘client friendly’ and interactive these days, I find myself doing more and more Staff Profile Photography shoots, Commercial Portrait photography and even Personal Profile Photography. Everyone has a website, Facebook page, Blog, Twitter account etc etc and so the need to display yourself in your best light has never been more important. People are often surprised how quickly I can rock up with my kit create something striking of them and their team on their own business premises or in a location of choice. London is and amazing and powerful backdrop, so I use it whenever possible!

So … if you feel like you and your team deserve some fresh portrait photography in London or anywhere else for the fresh new year…. give me a shout!  😉

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Anyone for Tennis?

I was recently instructed to go down to Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club by my old friends at Ltd Limited to assist in the making of a new permanent memorial to long serving (excuse the pun) Tennis legend; Mr Fred Perry.

Ltd had been taken on to produce a new outdoor display that would provide a more visually interesting back drop for the existing bronze statue of Fred. Armed with a my Hassleblad and digital back, off i went to shoot some detailed headshots of the statue, that would then be printed up by Ltd and transformed into a beautiful, translucent effect glass panel …

I think you will agree, the overall effect is stunning! 🙂

Fred Perry Memorial, Wimbledon

Fred Perry Memorial, Wimbledon