Commercial Portrait Photography in London

Its amazing how important that first impression can be of a person you meet for the first time or intend on possibly meeting for the first time. Thanks to business owners wanting to appear more ‘client friendly’ and interactive these days, I find myself doing more and more Staff Profile Photography shoots, Commercial Portrait photography and even Personal Profile Photography. Everyone has a website, Facebook page, Blog, Twitter account etc etc and so the need to display yourself in your best light has never been more important. People are often surprised how quickly I can rock up with my kit create something striking of them and their team on their own business premises or in a location of choice. London is and amazing and powerful backdrop, so I use it whenever possible!

So … if you feel like you and your team deserve some fresh portrait photography in London or anywhere else for the fresh new year…. give me a shout!  😉

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Tankus The Henge – Music Photography on The Thames

What can I say …. other than I LOVE these boys!!!! … Everytime I meet them and work with them, I leave with a big smile on my face …. they are just loveable, bonkers, creative TALENT!! They always make my photography look good because they are just so colourful and interesting!! Check out their facebook page here and lookout for a gig soon …. I promise you will LOVE them!


Burlesque Photography with Lady Cave at Volupte Lounge, London

Last weekend I undertook my first burlesque shoot…. last weekend with the amazing Lady Cave! I have always been mesmerized by the detail and beauty of this styling. The costumes and outfits are so classy and elegant, and the girls on the burlesque scene are known for their attention to detail.  Kate (Lady Cave) was no exception! just Fantabulous!! We had the run of very chic and cool Volupte Lounge for the afternoon last Sunday… so armed with my new best friend (my Fuji X-Pro1 and my Ellincrom Rangers, I set up out to create some moody, smokey images re-creating the feel of an old vintage club from yesteryear!
I shall certainly be doing more burlesque shoots now, so watch this space! In the meantime enjoy these images and hit the like button on Lady Cave’s facebook page too 🙂

Food Fight at Verru


Yesterday i was back to the amazing Verru restaurant in London’s Marylebone Lane! Except this time for some slightly different ‘profile shots’ of the owner, ‘Andrei’ and his merry band of men!

Andrei said he didn’t want to have boring, serious portraits, so wanted to try something a tad ‘different’…. at the mere mention of a food fight, the boys seemed ready for it… as you can see…. this is all in jest and their obvious great relationship is plain to see!! As i’ve already said…. the food here is amazing and so are the people…. get down there!!

Verry Verru Food Photography! Yummy!

One of my fave types of work….. and I wonder why!! ?? 😉 I LOVE shooting food, especially when its this amazing!! As you can see the chaps down at Verru really know their stuff … This is Posh nosh at very, very reasonable prices i must add!

Food photography is all about making it look beautiful and inviting, so I hope you feel hungry now!?

If you fancy a nibble yourself, get down to Marylebone lane and taste the Verru cuisine. its delightful!

Wet Wedding Photography in Seven Dials, London

I was walking through Seven Dials only yesterday doing a job when i happened across this lovely couple walking up Monmouth Street having their wedding photographs taken!! The photographer was using flash close up with them, and i knew he was missing out on all the beautiful ambient light and reflections… so had a cheeky word and asked the couple if they minded if i took a quick shot of them on the Zebra crossing!! 🙂

I hope they get in touch so i can send them the shot …. i think you’ll agree, the light is beautiful and it makes for a great shot! 🙂 Good luck to them both!

Sneak Peek – Music Promo Photography with Tankus The Henge

Today I met up with my crazy friends – Tankus The Henge! I’ve known and been photographing these lovable lads for the last 4 years now and there has never been a dull moment.

With the arrival of their new Drummer, their manager thought it about time we got some new promo shots done… so we headed to the wonderful floating Dutch Barge that is ‘Tamesis Dock’ on the London Southbank of the Thames… Apart from being a great location, Neema the lovely lady who runs this ship (literally) provides some lovely food and drinks….! get down there and check it out! its magical! 🙂

The Tankus boys were in fine form, even if it was an early start… and we soon got going with some cheeky antics….

These are just a couple of tasters from the shoot. Hope you like them, and if you fancy coming along to listen to these chaps…. have a look at their facebook page here and come along!! I challenge you to not be able to love them!! 😉

Music Photography by Simon Harvey on the Southbank with Tankus The Henge