Pic of the day ~ Leon Camier at Donnington Park WSBK 2011


Leaon Camier at Donnington Park WSBK 2011

Staying with this weeks biking theme, i thought i would put this pic of the day up for my friend Leanne, who has just got the photography bug!! This was shot using a Nikon 80-200mm lens, at F2.8 and 1/350th sec at ISO200. Quite a dull day but still managed to get a fast shutter speed owing to the wide aperture. Hope this helps Leanne 🙂

Enjoy… and lets hope we see a #33 plate doing WSBK next year as well!! (Go Tommy!)


Pic of the Day ~ Sept 30th 2011 ~ HDR Photography

HDR Photography, Love it or hate it… its out there! Here’s a quicky i did whilst working up in Stirling for HSBC Bank last week … Its quite erie and also soft and fluffy at the same time i think!? Anyway …. hope you enjoy it? please hit the ‘like’ if you do (sorry they don’t have a ‘dislike’ button but you can always leave a comment! 🙂

Pic of the Day ~ 27th Sept 2011

Todays Pic of the Day… Simple…. because its my beautiful daughter in all her innocence!  Playing in the woods and ran over to me whilst i was about to take a shot…. i quickly turned the camera skywards and this is the shot. Bless you Daisy Pie 🙂 x

An ‘inside job’ !

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I thought it was about time i added a few new shots to some of my web pages, so added a few newbies to my main site ‘interior & exterior’ gallery. Here are some of the shots i have loaded, but please feel free to have a look through them on the main site here www.simonharveyphotography.com

An ‘ExEvent’ for a Rendezvous

My good clients ExEvents got me down for a great job last night!! …. The Chambord Rendezvous 2011

The venue; One Mayfair! Built in 1825, One Mayfair has recently reopened its doors and is set to be London’s newest and most spectacular venue. After years of neglect this historic Grade I listed building has undergone months of refurbishment bringing it back to its former glory. As one of the largest event spaces in the Mayfair, it has already attracted a range of high profile events.

Guests were wowed by the excellent transformation the space took on under the expert handling of the ExEvents team. The winning drinks were served throughout the evening along with a wonderful dinner, again with the winning chambord recipes. I unfortunately was working … but then even when i’m working its not work! The guests were great and it was good to be in amongst this happy crowed … DJ Philly was on hand spinning up some excellent tunes before Comedy act Mr Russell Kane introduced the evenings events. BBC Radio 1 Celebrity DJ Edith Bowman then took over on the decks and things really hotted up … drinks were flowing and butts were shaking! My trustee Nikons were also working their own little butts off as you can see from a selection of the shots here. Enjoy!! 🙂

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Street Surfing at Eastbourne Extreme

Earlier last month I had the pleasure of working down in Eastbourne at the  Eastbourne Extreme event for Street Surfing UK. Street Surfing is taking a firm grip in the UK as the alternative to standard skateboarding… and to show just how great an alternative it can be … they sent their ‘International Pro Rider Team’ over with their ‘S Ramp’ to prove it! What a day i had …. i nearly got mowed down a few times but it was great fun!! The pro boys are NUTS!!!! I was using fast sync speeds to capture the fast action and also darken the background to add drama … Hope you all like and hope to be doing more for ther Street Surfing Team again soon …. (Do you think they need me in California???????????? 😉 )


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London Landscape for Property Developers,

I got a call last week from a new client asking me how i was with heights?? Hmmmmm i thought, but never say never to work!! … It turns out i was to be up on the roof of an apartment block off of the uber trendy ‘Brick Lane’ to shoot a landcape of the horizon to show potential buyers of the newly proposed Penthouse what they will see out of their window each day! Nice!! I love jobs like these… just watching and waiting for the light to drop …. it was beautiful! Hope they and you like the results! 🙂

Help with Aperture and Shutter Speed?

Hi there,

I have had an increasing number of friends asking me for some basic help in using their cameras more effectively. One of the most important things to understand is the relationship between APERTURE and SHUTTER SPEED and how both effect the image you creat.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/19603662″>7. Aperture</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user2642804″>–jL</a&gt; on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Tall Ships …

Myself and the Harvey Juniors were up at Nanna Harvey’s over the Summer Holiday in Thirsk, N. Yorks. I love it up there, totally diferent vibe to London, people actually smile and say hello up there! 🙂

Whilst visiting, my good old ma told us about the ‘Tall Ships’ setting sail from Middlesborough and Teeside, so off me and the Juniors went in serch of some big old ships!


I have never driven through such torrential rain as we did on the way… kids faces were long and i knew i could be in for an afternoon of self harm!

The ships, well, they may have been tall, but were nowhere near our bit of the coastline, so i took to catching a few snaps of the Juniors instead … Happydays! 🙂