Commercial Portrait Photography in London

Its amazing how important that first impression can be of a person you meet for the first time or intend on possibly meeting for the first time. Thanks to business owners wanting to appear more ‘client friendly’ and interactive these days, I find myself doing more and more Staff Profile Photography shoots, Commercial Portrait photography and even Personal Profile Photography. Everyone has a website, Facebook page, Blog, Twitter account etc etc and so the need to display yourself in your best light has never been more important. People are often surprised how quickly I can rock up with my kit create something striking of them and their team on their own business premises or in a location of choice. London is and amazing and powerful backdrop, so I use it whenever possible!

So … if you feel like you and your team deserve some fresh portrait photography in London or anywhere else for the fresh new year…. give me a shout!  😉

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Food Fight at Verru


Yesterday i was back to the amazing Verru restaurant in London’s Marylebone Lane! Except this time for some slightly different ‘profile shots’ of the owner, ‘Andrei’ and his merry band of men!

Andrei said he didn’t want to have boring, serious portraits, so wanted to try something a tad ‘different’…. at the mere mention of a food fight, the boys seemed ready for it… as you can see…. this is all in jest and their obvious great relationship is plain to see!! As i’ve already said…. the food here is amazing and so are the people…. get down there!!

The Key to commercial portrait photography

I often do Commercial Portrait Photography of business owners and their staff … and very often they want to be seen as serious, upstanding individuals… but this doesnt mean you can’t use the surroundings to add some colour and a bit of a twist!

Here are some recent profile shots I did for a business owner … I tried to have a bit of fun with him in the environment we had… hope you like the images.