Canal side Capers with my new Lumix

Well, its been a while since i posted anything here, simply because i have been too busy! 🙂

So excuse the dates all being off from the actual events, but thought it best to get it all done and up, out the way before its the end of the year! wow, this year has flown!!!!!

Anyway, this little update involves my new Panasonic Lumix snapper i wanted to test out!

I’m only 10 mins from the canal side, so took advantage of the weather and got on my bike for a 26 mile ride from Enfield to Hoddesden and took a few snaps on the way with the Lumix. My main reason for wanting this camera was for casual days out like this where i wanted to get some good ‘snaps’ but them still be crisp and of good quality… The Lumix has a Leica lens so i was interested to see how it compared … in all honesty i think its only ‘ok’. Thats more down to ‘noisy’ sensor than the lens quality …. its fine in bright weather but anything 800 iso above gets reeeeeeally fuzzy!

Still, its only a snapper, but at £350 i was actually expecting more…

A Harvey Junior! ;)