Nikon D3 V’s D4


Ok, so like all other Nikon D3 and D3s Owners i too have been wetting my pants over the recent launch of the new flagship Nikon D4!

A few obvious reasons … Pixels are now 16 which is a great, sensible size for good workflow, good quality etc …the Low light capabilities supposedly improved again over the already ‘See in the dark’ D3s and lastly but the most eagerly awaited – Genuine High Def Video recording abilities.

I’ve placed my order alongside every other man who has sold his wives/girlfriends Jimmy Choo collection to get his hands on one…. but the demand has outweighed the supply and delivery is now going to be mid June!! :-/ Nikon have also rather greedily put the price up on its original launch price only 2 months ago from £4800 to £5260.00!! an apparent ‘mistake’ by Nikon …. errr really, do we all seem that dumb!! They clearly realised that demand was bigger than ever so saw fit to cash in!?

So … i have a ‘filming job tomorrow and no camera, so i quickly rang the excellent team down at The Pro Centre, and hired me a beast for the day to see what this thing can do …

After a quick fiddle i just thought i would do a quick test between my now old and ever faithful D3 against the Sparkly new kid on the block …


I selected Iso 4000, F8 at 1/8th sec exposure,  and stuck them on the tripod one after the other…

I am quite surprised to be honest that the quality difference isn’t more apparent when blown up in the shadow areas …and its really made me question why i am spending almost £5,500.00! There is a difference, but really …. in the real world, is it big enough to warrant that sound!???????

Can you tell!?



One comment on “Nikon D3 V’s D4

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mmmm indeed, you can see a difference but only slight, the D4 does look a tiny bit smoother in the darker midtones and shadows BUT £5000 worth? A tweek in noise reducion software and you would never see the difference. Still its got that pose value lol

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