Bikes and Babes – British Superbikes at Snetterton

A few shots here for all you bike fans. As some of you will know, i am a BIG bike fanatic. I have been since i was 7 years old when Santa Claus delivered a sparkly new Red Montesa Trials bike! 🙂

Since then i have been hooked, so combining my other love of Photography is just a dream for me. This coupled with sunshine and the odd eye candy, what more can you ask for! 😉

This is the first round of the British Superbikes race series I have been able to get to this year, but i wasn’t too worried as all the other races were in horrible cold wet weather … Snetterton proved yet again to be a cooking pot!

Enjoy the images and share share share …. 😉

John Hopkins – from British Superbikes series 2011

This is still one of my favourite shots i have taken during the British Superbikes of 2011. Unlike a lot of the other photographers there, i try to get good behind the scenes shots of the riders…. this for me shows the clear focus and intensity of the riders. John was and is a very dedicated rider. Enjoy!

Nikon D3 V’s D4


Ok, so like all other Nikon D3 and D3s Owners i too have been wetting my pants over the recent launch of the new flagship Nikon D4!

A few obvious reasons … Pixels are now 16 which is a great, sensible size for good workflow, good quality etc …the Low light capabilities supposedly improved again over the already ‘See in the dark’ D3s and lastly but the most eagerly awaited – Genuine High Def Video recording abilities.

I’ve placed my order alongside every other man who has sold his wives/girlfriends Jimmy Choo collection to get his hands on one…. but the demand has outweighed the supply and delivery is now going to be mid June!! :-/ Nikon have also rather greedily put the price up on its original launch price only 2 months ago from £4800 to £5260.00!! an apparent ‘mistake’ by Nikon …. errr really, do we all seem that dumb!! They clearly realised that demand was bigger than ever so saw fit to cash in!?

So … i have a ‘filming job tomorrow and no camera, so i quickly rang the excellent team down at The Pro Centre, and hired me a beast for the day to see what this thing can do …

After a quick fiddle i just thought i would do a quick test between my now old and ever faithful D3 against the Sparkly new kid on the block …


I selected Iso 4000, F8 at 1/8th sec exposure,  and stuck them on the tripod one after the other…

I am quite surprised to be honest that the quality difference isn’t more apparent when blown up in the shadow areas …and its really made me question why i am spending almost £5,500.00! There is a difference, but really …. in the real world, is it big enough to warrant that sound!???????

Can you tell!?



Advertising Shoot for new MOVband Activity Monitor

Well, as you probably know… its been raining!! Raining, raining, and then a bit more rain!! This was not looking good for about outdoors advertising Photography shoot for Fit For Future Ltd.

FFF are launching the new MOVband Activity Monitor here in the uk, and needed some outdoor activity shots to show it at work. Well, Monday came and the skies turned blue! (phew) So out we set to a local park to show the Movband being put to the test!

For this shoot i was armed with my faithful Nikon D3, my 105mm Macro F2.8 and my lens for all 24-70mm F2.8. Lighting was my new Rllinchrom Quadra kit, 2 packs and 2 heads, 1 open and 1 with a small soft box.

Hope you can see how the flash gives the images that extra ‘kick’ … colours zing out…. all in all! pleased! Hope you like! 🙂