Screen on the Green – Comic Strip LIVE

Last week i had to whizz down to Screen on the Green ~ one of the everyman Theatres, based in Islington, London.

This super funky Cinema have decided to break the mould and start presenting late night comedy on a Friday night for 2 months … so you can go have a few bev’s along Upper Street, get in a jovial frame of mind then park your bum on their quirky sofa’s for some hearty giggles.

Mr Drew Barr ~ Comedian is your resident host and compare. There will also be a burlesque show and music provided by the most fantastic band in the world, ‘Tankus the Henge’

A few of my shots here that are being used to promote the events ….

So if you fancy a chuckle … see you Friday!!

Latest Project 'BBC Documentary ~ My Life: KARATE KIDS Saturday 13th March BBC2 11.30am'

Karate Kids follows the friendships of two children with cerebral palsy. Tim cannot speak, so best friend Francis is his voice. However, when Tim embarks upon marital arts training his life changes forever. Karate Kids is a unique glimpse into a world that is ignored by mainstream society and often misunderstood by many children. This film challenges the perceptions around childhood disability. From award-winning and BAFTA nominated film-makers Walsh Bros.

I worked during the making of the film, producing all the stills for use to promote and document the show.

The whole experience of working amongst these kids was very humbling.I’m very grateful to John Walsh and his production team for giving me the opportunity to work with them on this, and hope now to be doing more of this work and eventually some movie set stills…

Watch this space! …

wey heyyyyy its LIVE!!


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